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What does it mean to be a Life Celebration Home®?

Being a Life Celebration Home® means providing families with unparalleled service, personalized tributes, and customized funeral experiences. It is our passion to tell the story of your loved one for the final time. Life Celebration® is designed to provide a meaningful tribute to your loved one. Recognizing that this is a difficult time for families and friends, The Hillier Life Celebration® staff is trained to provide you the tools necessary to create a unique remembrance service, without creating undue burden. Together, we will co-create a unique experience, rich with nostalgia and treasured memories, celebrating the life of your loved one.

Each of our Life Celebration® services are entirely customized to fit your family’s wants and desires. We will incorporate personal elements of your loved one into the service you choose, making the funeral experience memorable and life-centric. You will find the co-creating process healing and therapeutic amidst the grief. Whether your choose burial or cremation, Life Celebration® services are available to you.

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The Exclusive Hillier Family Guide

At Hillier, we believe that every life deserves to be honored and celebrated. It is our duty to share stories for a final time. We encourage our client families to help us co-create these memorable tributes; you will find that walking back down the path of your loved one’s life becomes a healing exercise.

The Family Guide is the primary tool we give our families to begin the story sharing. Click on the link below to see how we get to know more about you and your loved one. After you complete the guide, we will do the rest to provide and exceptional experience.

Hillier Family Guide 

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